Jordan Santell immersive engineer


In April 2012, I participated in a Mozilla Dev Derby, a hackathon-like event where developers create things using a new web platform feature. This event focused on new browser audio features, and I had the privilege of meeting other audio developers, and future Mozilla colleagues. I created one of the winning entries, an audio-visualization library for the web, dancer.js.

A dancer.js demo featuring audio reactive visuals, featuring "Devil's Spirit" from Unearthed by the fantastic zircon.

dancer.js provided beat detection, frequency, and time domain audio data, abstracted over the very experimental, and different, browser audio APIs. The library was popularized as an early demo of visualizing audio with 3D (three.js) on the web, with cross-platform support by integrating audio data from several sources:

A few years later, thanks to more collaboration with browser vendors and progress on web standards, there's not much need for dancer.js and patching over various audio implementations: the Web Audio API is now stable and implemented across all modern browsers.