Jordan Santell immersive engineer

Visuals @ Priceless 2019

I created some visuals for Priceless 2019, an art and music festival in California. I joined a multi-talented and welcoming group of volunteers to construct the Dirt Stage at Priceless, which hosts the heavier electro performances. The theme for the stage this year was cyberpunk vibes.

The cyberpunk city of Baroot Nova has grown out of the Dirt and the evil MegaCorp is watching you. Rumors are a rag-tag group of hackers is vying to take them down! Find them and help them if you can, the future of Baroot Nova is in your hands...

The visuals were projected on to 14 screens, non-uniformly sized and positioned via MaxD's Freeliner. In addition to Max's incredible VJing, I created several dynamic, audio-reactive WebGL scenes that integrated with the system over OSC, allowing us to alter the scenes in realtime with sliders and knobs.

A few more of variations of the sketches that made their way to the stage below.